The one of the largest suppliers of cocoa beans and cocoa products to the CIS countries and Europe.


Our main service is trading of cocoa beans and cocoa products. We work closely with cocoa exporters and cocoa processing plants in West Africa and South America. S-Trade OU is one of the largest suppliers of cocoa beans and cocoa products to the CIS countries and Europe. Having high quality standards and a flexible approach to customer services we earned the reputation of a reliable partner on the international cocoa market.


We can supply cocoa beans in jute bags weighing 65 kg, big bags weighing 500 and 1000 kg or in bulk in containers weighing up to 20 tons.

The cocoa beans or simply cocoa, are almond-shaped seeds contained in the fruit of the chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao). The fruit contains, in addition to the pulp, from 30 to 50 fairly large seeds of light (usually pale lilac) color, arranged in five rows. Cocoa beans consist of 40-50% of the fat, called cocoa butter, and the solids from which cocoa powder is obtained. The shell, which is easily detachable from the beans, is crushed into a meal called cocoa vella.

S-TRADE buys goods directly in the countries of origin, handling a process of sampling to ensure quality, and arranging all the logistics of cocoa beans from farms in West Africa and Latin America to the doors of your factory.

All goods are accepted with 100% control of international survey companies in accordance with FCC rules.


S-TRADE supplies cocoa liqior (mass) of different composition and fat content.

After fermenting, drying and roasting, cocoa beans are crushed into cocoa vella and cocoa nibs. Preheated cocoa nibs are finely ground on rollers or special mills into ground cocoa, from which cocoa butter is squeezed out under high pressure on hydraulic presses.

We have direct contracts with large factories in West Africa and Latin America and can offer you a product of ideal value combination in sufficient quantity.

We provide all the necessary documents for supplied cocoa products. Cocoa liquor is shipped in bags and boxes of 20 and 25 kg.


S-TRADE OU has high quality standards for cocoa beans and cocoa products supplied.

To that our customers receive the highest quality goods, S-TRADE, with the participation of international survey companies, carries out strict quality control of all products when during the selection process the country of origin, and re-monitoring in its own laboratory, as well as engaging the national laboratory of the Estonian Republic and the certificated international experts.

A complex for packaging in bags and big bags, cleaning of cocoa beans from impurities and foreign objects is located at the  S-TRADE own customs warehouse which is also used for temporary storage.

Fumigation chambers are also located at the S-TRADE OU warehouse to fumigate cocoa beans before shipment to customers. Fumigation is done under the supervision of certified specialists and the mandatory verification of the results by inspectors of the Veterinary and Food department of the Ministry of Rural Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.